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We are here to solve your all waterproofing, plumbing and contractor related problems. So if you are looking for 24/7 waterproofing and plumbing service provider company in Singapore near your locality, contract us for further details.

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Waterproofing Contractor

As a waterproofing contractor service in Singapore, we try to produce the most effective service and quality whereas keeping the costs reasonable and competitive. Our waterproofing materials list and waterproofing specialists are committed to unraveling your any issues. We have a promised to concentrate on providing waterproofing repair service for homeowners, householders (balcony, basement, bathroom, kitchen, dick) and building manager (residential and commercial). We are here to solve your all waterproofing, plumbing, and contractor related problems. So if you are looking for 24/7 waterproofing and plumbing service provider company in Singapore near your locality contract us for further details.

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Plumbing Service Near Me

Plumbing Service Near Me in Singapore at Home:

You can trust our plumber’s quality and expertise in our work. Our local plumbing services in Singapore are extremely trained, certified, and knowledgeable about to handle any plumbing services. Each residential and commercial plumbing technician is well-behaved and badged. compare to other company plumbing services price we are always stocked with all necessary equipment and tools but in affordable price. We offer a wide variety of plumbing service, including water seepage, water leakage, PU gounting, Epoxy flooring, and so on. If you are facing a plumbing emergency in the weekend, festival day or at midnight, we are ready to 24 hrs plumbing service. So, dial on our local emergency plumber no if you are truly seeking for waterproofing and plumbing service near me in Singapore.


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General Contractor

General Contractor Service at Home by searching on Google:

Classic Waterproofing and Plumbing (s) Pte.Ltd

Since our origin in 1980, we’ve got a large variety of construction work, in the public and non-public sectors. To produce higher support and better services in painting, designing, and renovation, we’ve enlarged our scope of services through the years to incorporate style & build contract services. Not only this, with multi-disciplinary capabilities of construction, we are always ready to deliver an additional, comprehensive suite of construction services.

Why do you choose us:

  • We fix all sort of waterproofing, plumbing, and general contractor works.
  • We deal with all sort of small and big problem in the same manner.
  • High efficiency with no obligation.
  • Fast reliable and easy maintenance service
  • Available for 24/7 with emergency service.
  • We are a licensed plus insured company with a good reputation.
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Leak Detection and Solution Service

Leak Detection and Solution Services:

Pipe leaking is one of the foremost common plumbing issues home house owners face. As your flat age with time, the pipes begin to expertise, wear, and tear that results in leaks. Pipes that are exposed that result in leaks are the simplest to fix. But conceal piping leaks are the foremost problematic since hacking is needed to achieve the tube.

We perform the varied strategies of leak testing on new elements with plumbing pipe leak sealer. As per proper direction and procedures, we work with a client to help in locating leaks and do leak repair among their existing assets.

There are some common strategies of leak testing, such as:

  • Direct-pressure bubble testing
  • Thermal conduction detector proved to test
  • Ultrasonic leak detector
  • Vacuum-box bubble leak testing
  • Pressure-change testing
  • Helium spectrometer detector

As we have worked with many customers yearly, we tend to perceive the difficulties once drawback arises. Likewise, our a team of waterproof specialist dedicated plumbers, operating round the clock, twenty-four hours daily, to fulfill and serve you solutions

Flood Infusion Technique

Flood Infusion Technique:

Our well-renowned company uses a distinctive flood infusion treatment. Generally, it utilizes waterproofing chemicals of waterborne and damp protection for masonry and concrete substrates.

Additionally, it referred to as chemical infusion waterproofing. Our specially developed our factory-made from a mix of Inorganic and Organic Polymers. It achieves each surface and in-depth protection by each film formation and crystallization.

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Reinstatement Work

As a reinstatement skilled and professional, we have a tendency to perceive our customer’s needs, value the foremost of our client satisfaction. We are providing hassle-free reinstatement solution with a 100% guarantee to every client.

we have a few years of experience and skill handling renovation & reinstatement job or projects. Once you signed with us, we are 24/7 ready to provide you reinstatement service according to your necessities. We are also available with new ideas of renovation system that can save your lots of reinstatement work. We offer

  • Office reinstatement
  • commercial reinstatement
  • Doctor Clinics
  • Shops reinstatement and so on
Waterproofing works for all roof and wet areas

Waterproofing works for all roof and wet areas:

Our company is a skilled & reliable waterproofing contractor for your roof works. Most roofs in the Singapore area are reinforced concrete made of the waterproofing membrane. This membrane used as a protected and insulated slab panel with bituminous joints between slab panels.

These bituminous joints can crack over the years, permitting rainwater to migrate below the panels. It causes damaging the waterproofing membrane. And also, the slab panels become tend to be quite porous by now.


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Classic Waterproofing & Plumbing (s) Pte.Ltd

As a Waterproofing, Plumbing and Renovation Contractor in Singapore, we tend to offer skilled in construction and residential building, engaged on every project from begin to complete. Our dedicated team of architects, designers, builders, and contractors stay committed towards the creation of exquisite homes to the decision you own.

Thus call us today and get connect with one of our services. Our most experienced, professional managers give you a free solution with proper estimation. If you are happy with the advice you can fix the service the right way, and mostly for less money – guaranteed!

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