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It happens to everyone at some point in time: You notice a dark stain on the ceiling or streaks on your walls. Or even worse, you see droplets or a stream of water flowing from these areas. Your roof is leaking!

Best roof waterproofing service is here for you. Our Waterproofing Coating, a perfect waterproofing material for concrete roof & external wall in Singapore.

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Effective tiled, concrete, and flat roof waterproofing and roof leakage repair services in Singapore

Roof leakages?

There are several reasons and factors that should be considered:


Holes remaining once the removal of a TV antenna or another upside installation will draw water into the house. examine the roof for holes and seal any that you just discover.

roof waterproofing singapore

Roof Waterproofing Services in Singapore | Roof Leakage Contractor SG

Roof Waterproofing Services in Singapore | Roof Leakage Contractor SG

Excess wet

Draining higher roof gutters directly onto a lower roof will result in the lower section changing into too saturated, which may cause leaks. Extend the downspout to consecutive gutter or all the way down to the bottom instead.

Clogged gutters

you’ll be ready to see the leaves protruding of the gutter after you search onto your roof. But, if not, you ought to notice the shortage of water trickling out of a downspout throughout a rain. Your gutters are meant to assist traveling far from the roof. once a blockage forms and that they get clogged, that travel stops. fresh water can then pool in one space of the roof and have additional of a chance to feed through cracks.

Are you utilizing It an excessive amount?


Sadly, there’s no thanks to differentiate if this can be the reason behind the leak. However, all owners ought to use caution with however usually they venture out onto their roofs. As you’ll be able to see from the opposite causes during this post, loads of building material is incredibly fragile. you’ll accidentally step an important component or crack associate degree already precarious seal.


We provide the most effective performance for water resistant and anti-UV, conjointly forms breathable film with glorious adhesion to concrete substrates.

Cracked Flashing


You may not even bear in mind that your roof has one thing referred to as flashing. Flashing could be a skinny metal put in beneath shingles (as well as around your roof joints) that create your roof really water-tight. Obviously, if your flashing develops a crack, water includes a clear path into the inside of your house. Most times, this is often thanks to decay within the tar wont to seal the flashing to your house. While this could be one thing you would like to tackle yourself, this is often a reason behind roof leaks that may be best left to professionals.

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Attic Condensation

Your attic isn’t climate-controlled just like the remainder of your home. As a result, variations within the temperature throughout the year (along with the temperature distinction between the within and out of doors of your home) will result in condensation forming in your attic. This may appear innocent, however condensation in your attic will result in the expansion of black mildew and will cause structural harm if left uncurbed long enough. Proper attic ventilation will combat most condensation issues, whether or not or not it’s with the installation of attic fans or vents.

Avoid Poor Waterproofing Work!

Poor waterproof contractor, as well as incorrect installation methodology, will cause discharge problems because of waterproofing failure. Tough places like balconies and windows would like skilled work once applying waterproofing. Poor skill conjointly includes wrong product specifications, once the incorrect product is used; and insufficient substrate preparation, which implies poor preparation before the waterproofing membrane is applied. If the building has external areas, it’s associate degree absolute necessity that balconies and terraces to be waterproof properly. in spite of the direction of rain, if the skin space is hospitable the weather, it’s attending to get wet once the weather hits. If not waterproof properly, water will get straight into the building through the openings, in spite of however little.

Don’t Ignore the necessity for maintenance

The outstanding roof waterproofing product of us will make your house lighter.

Perhaps one amongst the largest issues tho’, is ignoring true once one thing goes wrong. Even the littlest leaks ought to be restrained like a shot as they need the potential to grow to a lot of larger ones that may cause far more injury. This additionally means that checking balconies, windows, cracks and the other problems that will surface, and like a shot handling them. The longer these problems are left, a lot of injuries they’re attending to do. The other most evident place for water to urge into buildings is through the windows. And we’re not talking regarding open ones. Windows are very liable to water, particularly from rain driven by robust winds.

This is a tangle skilled by several strata occupants. Water from faulty covering or plumbing upstairs will leak into the rooms below, inflicting cracks, mould growth and different structural defects. When this happens, it’s necessary to let the upstairs tenant fathom the escape returning from their unit. For replacement or repairs, confirm to rent solely licensed concrete waterproofing specialists. Wrong waterproofing application will result in additional injury and expensive repairs.

Services for Roof puddles

Puddles or ponding may be a quite common downside on buildings with flat roofs. once it rains, a flat roof collects water from the surface and seeps into ceilings inflicting escape. Standing water on a roof will deteriorate the structure. Any escape caused by ponding ought to be like a shot mounted to stop additional injury and expensive repairs.

Our waterproofing professionals typically advocate liquid-applied membranes to resolve flat roof leakages.


Do you have Poor attainment?

Believe it or not, waterproofing may be a specialised field. though some roofing contractor and tilers provide this service, it’d be price performing doing a little creating by removal to form positive they need had the right coaching and certification to try to to so. If you permit non-certified tradesmen to complete your waterproofing and a drag happens, you’ll be chargeable for the damages. there’s a strict installation methodology that has got to be adhered to once putting in waterproofing. This includes the preparation of the surface & the merchandise specifications. State laws ought to even be checked as once you have to be compelled to use an authorized waterproofing contractor in Singapore.

we tend to square measure obsessed with seeing our purchasers happy. With many years of combined expertise, we tend to square measure able to give you with the standard roof waterproofing services that you just will estimate — year when year.

roof waterproofing services

We can correct your Wrong Membrane

A waterproofing membrane is that the piece of fabric placed onto the walls, ceiling, or any space wherever waterproofing is needed. the fabric is meant to prevent any water from obtaining through and might incorporate plastic, rubber, paper or coated material materials. for every specific surface, there’s a needed kind of membrane that ought to be chosen by an expert. Flexibility, salt air, UV, chemicals and additional have to be compelled to be thought of once selecting the right membrane. Avoid doing all your own waterproofing as one thing as easy as applying the membrane the incorrect method may cause issues.

In the theme of things, waterproofing is affordable. However, as printed higher than it’s not a task to be taken gently. once waterproofing has unsuccessful, the end result will be ruinous. If you have got water leaks and you wish a remedy, request skilled facilitate and guarantee they’re certified to perform the work on your property. Don’t leave a leak to probability, it’s one thing that ought to be inspected as presently as potential. simply because it’s barely started leaky doesn’t mean the matter has barely occurred. The water could are pooling on the roof for a few time and injury could already be caused.

With over many years within the business as roof leakage repair in Singapore, our team of extremely trained workers will confirm most waterproofing issues throughout Singapore. we all know a issue or 2 concerning spectacular track records. Indeed, we have a tendency to area unit a reliable company that has attained a name for providing exemplary roofing services for industrial businesses. we are able to like an expert style the simplest waterproofing answer for your building supported native weather patterns, surroundings, building style, and budget, and may walk you thru the complete scope of your project, from initial estimate to job completion. Once the task begins, we have a tendency to promise to try and do it right the primary time.

flat roof waterproofing singapore

What is our answer for your basement?

Before the work gets started, you’ll wish to understand precisely what’s going to happen to your home. this is often as a result of whereas ninety-eight of basements expertise some variety of water injury, not all solutions square measure equally effective for all homes and regions.

Do we supply a warranty?

Angie’s list reports that households pay concerning $7,215 on basement waterproofing with roofing contractors in Singapore. Since this is often a hefty fee, you’ll wish to form certain you get a guaranty just in case one thing doesn’t work right. And once it involves a guaranty, ne’er build assumptions.

What kind of services you can get from us?

Paint Waterproofing

Paint waterproofing is applied by hand or is sprayed. you ought to make love making 2-4 layers for bigger strength. The thickness of the waterproofing layer is merely concerning 1-1,5 inches. Over the contemporary insulation fine sand is wet so as to cement the coating. the common lifetime of paint waterproofing is concerning five years.

Roof Waterproofing Foil

These square measure the best (and most inexpensive) choice for waterproofing specialist in Singapore for pitched roofs, together with slate, tile, and metal roofs. Most of the time, waterproofing foil is employed for insulation in attics and lofts together with dielectric and polystrene.

Leak Protection

A top quality waterproofing membrane that has been properly put in can facilitate to stay runoff from rain and snow out of your building and off of your head. Our waterproofing specialists will assist you with the installation, repair, replacement, or examination of the membrane to a lower place your roofing materials to form certain that it’s intact and in optimum condition to debar the weather and shield your home. Before a difficulty arises, contact us for help with leak protection for your roof. we all know what has to be done to confirm most protection for your home or business.

Added Protection

In addition to putting in or repairing waterproofing membranes solution , there ar variety of alternative techniques which will be used for optimum roof waterproofing for our customers. From adding underlays to reconfiguring your gutter system, we tend to assist you realize ways in which to forestall roof leaks and alternative problems from occurring before they cause pricey water injury to your roof and also the structure it’s meant to guard.


Whenever the water starts to assemble over your roof, the primary issue an individual can notice is that the flowing, that starts to create over your roof, inside months. Once the flowing forms into the top side, there’s not solely loss of paint and garbage, however conjointly your roof may get tainted into a way harsher manner. Our service has means that to produce best roof flowing repair works as a result of there’s the sole job of a civil contractor will perceive things additional genuinely than noncivil contractors.


Water dripping from rooftops is that the worst scenario anyone will witness. With flowing and discharge on the go, not solely your house becomes less enticing, however it’ll disrupt your structure life to a number of years. Water compounds will simply travel within the concrete that can not be control if it enters. it’s necessary to hide up your entire roof with associate airtight chemical treatment that fastened your roof discharge issue forever. Our fully fledged individual are going to be accountable to produce you with each info there’s about the task, together with the advantages that roof discharge treatment carries with itself.


With nice leakages comes large roof cracks, and if its left unattended, your roof concrete may starts to return off all the sudden , which can be a supply of disruption to the house. It’s necessary to fill these roof crack joins chemically adequately created for this purpose, that embrace building material waterproofing chemical treatment that strengthens the roof integrity, however conjointly fill out all roof crack joints repair within the most adequate manner. As for flowing that makes your house look unattractive, the water molecules within the concrete can begin to evaporate with relevance time and if the warmth is in depth within the outside, then.

While we tend to perceive the techniques and materials that employment best in our climate, we all know that one size never fits all. attributable to this, we tend to work with our purchasers on a private level, discussing their budget, expectations, and wishes in order that we will give them with the most effective answer doable.

we have a tendency to facilitate stop leakage from damaging your structure with waterproofing method. Our waterproofing services will assist you to avoid pricey repairs or replacement that may result from your roof deteriorating underneath constant exposure to wetness. whether or not your building is presently underneath construction, otherwise you area unit simply trying to upgrade the present roof on your facility, the extremely intimate with our team, we will give the foremost up-to-date waterproofing services with waterproofing materials for walls out there.

We with pride use reliable merchandise- a flexible, self-healing membrane that’s over 3 times thicker than most different waterproofing membranes. It simply conforms to all or any surface irregularities and adheres to varied substrates, together with concrete, steel, and wood. This outstanding product has been used with success by architects, engineers, and building house owners for many years.

Let your building get wet – allow us to keep you dry. For additional data concerning our superior waterproofing services with lower cost, contact our Roofing Company nowadays.

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