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Welcome to Classic Waterproofing & Plumbing (s) Pte.Ltd

As a waterproofing service in Singapore, we try to produce the most effective service and quality whereas keeping the costs reasonable and competitive.

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CWP - The Best Plumbing Service Contractor in Singapore

You can trust our plumber’s quality and expertise in our work. Our local plumbing services in Singapore are extremely trained, certified, and knowledgeable about to handle any plumbing services.

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Bathroom Water Leaking Solve & Full Toilet Renovation Contractor Near Me

Classic Waterproofing & Plumbing (S) Pte.LTD. We are providing Bathroom or Toilet Leaking service near you in Singapore.

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CWP - Provides Creative Painting Service in Singapore

CWP – Provides Creative Painting Service in Singapore. We are decades of experience in commercial, industrial, and construction painting services.

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Plastering and Tiling service at home

Plastering and Tiling walls and ceilings are basically to repair the cracks or peeling of a previous paint layer of the surface.

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What We Do


Our waterproofing materials list and waterproofing specialists are committed to unraveling your any issues.

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Our company is a skilled & reliable waterproofing contractor for your roof works. Most roofs in the Singapore area are reinforced concrete made of the waterproofing membrane. This membrane used as a protected and insulated slab panel with bituminous joints between slab panels.

These bituminous joints can crack over the years, permitting rainwater to migrate below the panels. It causes damaging the waterproofing membrane. And also, the slab panels become tend to be quite porous by now.

 As a solution to this problem, we’ve found the simplest resolution to re-waterproof the wet area by using our bituminous membrane or bituminous coating waterproofing method. It’s nothing but a substrate with hot or heat poured bituminous compound made with a specified thickness. This membrane is found to be the most prices effective and economical technique (also known as bituminous coating waterproofing) of re-waterproofing

Plumbing & Sanitary

You can trust our plumber’s quality and expertise in our work. Our local plumbing services in Singapore are extremely trained, certified, and knowledgeable about to handle any plumbing services.

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Our area of experience is sanitary and plumbing works where we tend to stand out in aboveground and underground services as well as sewerage, clog and rainwater systems, and we are licensed plumber Singapore.

Looking for Plumbing and sanitary Regulations? Please check our services:


  • Clear WC, Floor Trap Chokage, clear Man-hole, Gully, Urinals, Bath Tubs, etc.


  • Underground Pipe leakage discharge
  • Sink Pipe / Floor lure / bowl / Wash basin / chrome steel & Copper Pipe /WC flush system & etc
  • New / Re-piping – chrome steel, UPVC & copper piping for the complete house

Install & Repair

  • Water Heaters (Instant/tank)
  • Sanitary and Plumbing Repairs
  • Mixer tap faucet, Bid Tap




We are decades of experience in commercial, roofing, and construction painting services. So seek for professional painting advice and get in touch now in

following painting services:

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  • Terrace Houses
  • landed-painting
  • Semi-Detached Houses
  • Detached Houses
  • Good Class Bungalows

Plastering and Tiling

We are a young company with exterior foundation waterproofing products and have a passion for delivering the best out most services at an affordable price. Plastering walls and ceilings is basically to repair the cracks or

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Plastering walls and ceilings is basically to repair the cracks or peeling of a previous paint layer of the surface. We are a young company with exterior foundation waterproofing products and have a passion for delivering the best outmost services at an affordable price. We specialize in plastering, renovation, and tilting local plumbing services. All our services are administered by our skilled team, to confirm quality service that you just can trust.

Rope Access

We also work for rope access. Mainly Rope access is a form of work positioning, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving, which applies practical ropework to allow workers to access

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difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform.

As one of the business pioneers, we’ve over 10 years of expertise in handling Rope Access, sanitary and plumbing service of different projects. We keep up to date and sustain with the newest innovations and technologies. Finally, we can produce you with latest services that currently available and relevant to today’s desires. We also provide proper guidelines and consultation, from the beginning of your projects and coming up with stages to the development and installation phases.

General Construction

To produce higher support and better services in General Construction, painting, designing, and renovation, we’ve enlarged our scope of services through the years to incorporate style & build contract services.

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General building and construction work:

These professionals will manage all aspects of a home renovation, from design style to construction and even project management, to confirm it’s completed on schedule and to your satisfaction. Therefore it’s necessary that you just realize a Singapore renovation contractor you’ll be able to trust to bring your vision to life and keep the method under control.

Our Main Services in Singapore:

  • Waterproofing works for all roof &
  • wet areas, inter-floor and external seepage.
  • Leak detection services
  • Pressure grouting (pu) works
  • Rope access works
  • Flood infusion technique
  • Plumbing and sanitary works
  • Painting works
  • Plastering/tiling works
  • Partion/false ceiling/ L-box
  • Matelstructure works
  • Reinstatement works
  • General building & construction works
  • Renovation/ Re-building works

Waterproofing, Plumbing Specialist and General Contractor.

We highly believe reputation is our greatest asset. That’s why we are 24/7 ready to provide you the one-stop solution of your waterproofing, plumbing and general construction repair service your needs. We only work with our most skilled and professional expertise, and committed to delivering top-quality, unmatched customer service in Singapore. With over 21 years of full experience, we are very much well-known about which service, products, methods, and overall applications works best and ok for your both residential and commercial problems.

  • GOT A WATERPROOFING PROBLEM- Leak detection, Reinstatement, Basement, Bathroom, etc.? WE CAN HELP!
  • GOT A SERIOUS PLUMBING PROBLEM- Water seepage, Sanitary work, Install or repair types of equipment? WE CAN HELP!

We also invite you to check the valued customer reviews that we have achieved from Singapore and as well as from other countries. So, whether you’ve got a real emergency on your hands, or need some non-emergency repairs or maintenance, we are ready to help you. Call us today


What People Are Saying About Us

Classic Waterproofing and Plumbing (s) pte.ltd, Contracts has been very professional, courteous and co-operative in working with us to get the project completed without much interruption or convenience to our daily operations. Thank you CWP hardworking team!

Wang Jing

Residential Manager, High Classi Filter

It was a great pleasure to take waterproofing & plumbing service from CWP Contractors. We enlisted their help for our roof gutter repair project and throughout the project they demonstrated great professionalism. Thanks to Classic Waterproofing and Plumbing (s) pte.ltd.

Mr. Mutoo Kumar

Bloom FieldCo Singapore.

We are really very happy with our freshly painted home. Great thanks to CWP for the quality of work and the tidiness of your staff. They worked and painted our home in such quick time and cleaned up thoroughly before leaving.

Mr. Harry tan

Head of Department , ExtraPower DWT.

I had a potential sale fall through because of bad workmanship. I called Classic Waterproofing and Plumbing (s) Pte.Ltd and they immediately diagnosed the cause and rectified the problem for a lot less money than I imagined.

The sale went ahead thanks to the team and their Guarantee System. I have no doubt in recommending this company. Thank you for your help.

Wang xiu ying, Singapore.

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Benefits to our valued customers:

  • 2-years transferable warranty provided
  • Over 12 years’ of experience in the industry
  • We are fully licensed and fully insured
  • Highly-trained technicians and licensed plumbers and waterproofers
  • Building renovators licenses
  • Underpinning experts
  • Free no-obligation assessment provided to all costumers
  • We use the new latest technology to ensure our services are top quality
  • We only repair what required at very competitive prices.
  • We maintain integrity, honesty, and the highest quality workmanship within the industry.

So once you choose to go ahead with the work, rest assured one among our technicians are going to be continuously watching the onsite activity to confirm that the work performed exceeds expectations.Our technicians are very sincere in their work, paying shut attention to the tiniest of details. Nothing is left to off chance, ensure your project completed within time to the highest possible standards.

We value our customers at most and get pleasure from meeting new individuals.

Please take some minutes to go through our web site.  If you have any question to ask or cannot find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate a single time to call us. Furthermore, we would be delighted to know from you.

Call today! We hope and highly believe in making you one of our happy customers.

Thanks for visiting us and our website, and we glance forward to serving to you shortly.

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