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Balcony waterproofing required for conserving and preserving beneath space the balcony from any perennial water ingression harmful damage. In heavy snow or frequent rainfall areas, balcony waterproofing is necessary as a part of the building works, and it should not take light-heartedly. A recent statistical survey showed that “Balcony Waterproofing” has the best failure rate in the overall building envelop. Whereas nearly 1.8% of the full price of the build essentially spent on waterproofing balcony areas. “Balcony Leakage Waterproofing Contractor In Singapore | Waterproofing Specialist SG” These account for a shocking 83% of building defects complaints.Balcony waterproofing

Many balcony and terraces created above living areas in a flat roof above an extension or with the bedroom, kitchen, and living space or on the top floor of a high-rise apartment complex. Therefore great attention needs to be given protection the balcony surface and waterproofing it. Sealing flat roof balcony areas where balconies are on the top of the rooms and terrace areas, waterproofing should be done correctly and appropriately and applied properly from the outset. However, if you fail to do that, the results may be severe.


The material used for balcony waterproofing:

Very good materials for balcony waterproofing used by the balcony leakage waterproofing contractor in Singapore. Polyurethane based materials such as Sika flex 11FC sealants used for fixing any materials to complete the balcony linkage. These materials have extraordinary strong, robust bonding capabilities. They can get bod with different materials such as glass, steel, stone, rubber, etc. in addition, these materials also have high and low-temperature resistance. It’s also UV resistant, which protects the balcony exposed to sunlight. But while fixing the balcony waterproofing problem very conscious is highly required so that the water ingression and other problems can seal properly.

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